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2021-01-20 - 01

2021 January trip to SoCal.

Dad needed some help with a medical scenario.

2021-02-17 - 01

2021 February snow and super cold temps.

Today it was 27°.  It's been single digits for a couple of days.

2021-02-27 - 18

2/27/2021 - Hiked 7.57 miles on the Bison Trail

at the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge

2021-04-27 - 00

4/22/2021 to 4/28/2021 - Dad comes to Oklahoma

to visit some of his kids, grandkids, and great-grand kids

2021-06-16 - 13 (2)

6/16 - Stars, more stars, and one really big star...

2 hour drive to Pawhuska Tallgrass Prairie Preserve, shooting pictures of stars between 2am and 4:30am,

then the sunrise on my way to work.


6/24 to 7/3 - Trip to California

Races with Phil - Sierras and the Ocean with Dad


7/26 to 7/31 - Trip to California (again)

Dad had a heart attack at the end of my previous trip and triple by-pass surgery.

I came out this time to help him in his recovery.

2021-08-13 - 21

8/13/2021 - Pawhuska Tall Grass Prairie Preserve

Came to see the buffalo. Nary a one. And I even took the Bison Loop.

Apparently the bison were not in the loop in regards to my visit!

Stormy weather was the theme of the day

2021-08-30 - 50

8/26/2021 to 9/1/2021

Trip to California to help dad get back on his feet.

Road trips and activities to bring him back to his "old self"!

2021-10-15&16 - 10

10/15 to 16

Spent a couple of days at Jodie's and Larry's farm.

2021-10-28A - 14

10/28 TO 11/3

Road trip with Dad to Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico


12/3 to 12/7

Trip to Yacolt, WA to visit Joey, Jen, Dillon, Sophie, Everett, and Sadie

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