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California Trip - 7/26 to 7/31

At the end of my last trip to California my dad had a heart attack

and ended up receiving triple-bypass heart surgery. 

I came out this time to help him with his recovery.


7/26  -  Beautiful clouds on the way to California

2021-07-26 - 02

7/29  -  To help with his recovery it was suggested that he be more mobile.

Getting out of the house and returning as quickly as possible to "normal" living.

With that in mind dad and I decided to try a drive to the beach,

if for no other reason than to get him out of the house for a "non-medical" reason.


On the way to the beach.

2021-07-29-A - 12

7/29  -  At the beach.

2021-07-29 - 05

7/30  -  Yesterday's trip went so well we decided to try another trip,

this time up into the mountains just north of Los Angeles. 

We ended up crossing the Pacific Crest Trail four times,

so stopped at each of the trailheads to take a few photos.

2021-07-30 - 20
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