2019 - Two New Grandbabies


Alexandria Julie Schott,

born to Danny and Katie Schott,

on December 5, 2019.


Sadie Belle Schott,

born to Joey and Jennifer Schott,

on December 10, 2019.



2019 Trip to Washington State


A driving trip from Oklahoma to Washington and back.  3 days to get there, 3 days with the kids, and 3 days to drive home.  4,500 miles before it was finished.




2019 September trip to California


Dad and I drove north along the eastern Sierra, headed west through Sonora Pass, south along the ocean from Ft. Bragg, then west back to the Sierras, the western side this time.




2019 May-June Road Trip - OK to CA


Dad flies out to OK.  We rent a car one-way and drive to CA.  

Once there, two of my sons join us for a weekend of adventures.



2019 Mary Graduates from RSU


Mary's college career comes to a close as she graduates with a Bachelor's degree.



2019 Early Winter Trip to CA

A drive through the desert.