2013 -  Fall Colors at New Life Ranch

Did some hiking before the

Tulsa Bible Church Men's Retreat

at New Life Ranch. 



2013 -  Sierra Nevada Trip

Spent some time in the

Sierras with Mom and Dad.  

Also, a day driving in the

mountains with Phil Toma.




2013 -  September Sunrise

An Oklahoma sunrise

east of Claremore.




2013 -  Washington DC

A few days on the east coast.  

Washington DC

and  Assateague Island  

National Seashore



2013 -  Wildflowers





2013 -  Danny, Mary, Brice,

and Elijah at the Pond


Boys will be boys.




Black Mesa / Wichita Mountains Trip

April 5-7, 2013

I’ve wanted to go to Black Mesa, OK and climb to the top for years. 

I decided I would go by myself and sleep

in the car but then I decided to see if Geri would like to come along. 

She did and we had a great time. 

She suggested that we go to the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge the next day. 

In all we drove 1,245 miles

in two and a half days. 


But it was a blast. 




2013 -  Spring Sunrise

Taken on 3/20/2013

three miles south of Foyil, OK. 



2013 -  Hay Bale Sunrise

18°F on February 23, 2013 but

I WILL photograph the sunrise!! 


I found a hillside with hay bales

all over it to use as my view point.