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Sierra Nevada Trip

Drive from Mammoth Lakes, CA to Topaz Lake, NV

   First stop - Mammoth Lakes   

Flying high over the Mammoth Lakes area. In these photos and videos you can see Twin Lakes, Lake Mary, Lake George,

Lake Mamie, Horseshoe Lake, and even McLeod Lake. These were all shot from the Twin Lakes Vista Point, right by Lake Mamie.


Note to those familiar with the area, Horseshoe Lake has been almost empty for years. Now it is completely full.

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2023-08-19a - 01_edited.jpg

   Second stop - Obsidian Dome   

Obsidian Dome, north of Mammoth Lakes.

Because of the impending hurricane, we elected to see some sites to the north of where we were staying

to try to stay ahead of the storms. We did get a little rain in a few places.

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2023-08-19b - 01_edited.jpg

   Third stop - Bodie and Benton Railroad Historical Marker   

A little piece of history just north of Mono Lake and 10 miles south of Bodie State Historic Park.

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2023-08-19c - 01_edited.jpg

   Fourth stop - Mono Lake   

A large salt lake at Lee Vining, CA, at the bottom of Tioga Pass.

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2023-08-19d - 04_edited.jpg

   Fifth stop - Leavitt Falls Vista Point   

A spectacular waterfall in Sonora Pass.

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2023-08-19e - 01_edited.jpg

   Sixth stop - Topaz Lake, NV   

A large reservoir just across the Nevada state line.

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2023-08-19f - 02_edited.jpg

   Seventh stop - Mono Mills   

The site of an old lumber mill that produced cut wood for Bodie, an historic gold and silver mine.

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2023-08-19g - 01_edited.jpg
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