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Sierra Nevada Trip

Drive from LA to Mammoth Lakes, CA

   First stop - Edwards AFB   

Signs near the base said no photography, but I just had to sneak one in.

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2023-08-18a - 01_edited.jpg

   Second stop - Owens Dry Lake   

There is a vista point on the east side of the lake. 

While being mostly dry for a long time, because of the amount of snow this last year,

the runoff has allowed for the lake to be partially filled again.

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2023-08-18b - 04_edited.jpg

   Third stop - Dehy Park   

 A family favorite for eons; a must stop on every trip to the Sierras

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2023-08-18c - 02_edited.jpg

   Fourth stop - Big Pine Creek (South Fork)   

3 mile hike up the South Fork Big Pine Creek. 3 hours hiking - 30 minutes flying.

Started at 7,689ft in elevation and stopped at 8,407ft in elevation. Dad waited for me at the car.

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2023-08-18d - 36_edited.jpg

   Fifth stop - Buckley Ponds   

Sunset at Buckley Ponds, south and east of Bishop, CA.

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2023-08-18e - 02_edited.jpg
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