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Devil's Punchbowl - Pacific Crest Trail

   1st Stop - Devil's Punchbowl   

1st of 4 stops today. Winds were up, but not so much that I couldn't fly.

Just had to be careful (as in, don't let the drone get so far away that it didn't have enough battery to get back).

Great day to be outside in God's creation.

   360° pic from the drone   

   360° pic from the drone   

   2nd Stop - Big Rock Creek   

A pretty drive that ended at a prison!!

   3rd Stop - Little Rock Dam   

3rd stop was supposed to be at Little Rock Lake, but the road was closed. Oh well!

   4th stop - Pacific Crest Trail @ Soledad Canyon Road   

Hiked 1/2 mile on the Pacific Crest Trail north from Soledad Canyon Road.

Flew my drone in spite of numerous wind warnings from the drone.

You can see the effects of the wind when the camera is looking straight down.

Met a through-hiker who started at the Mexican border who was on day 40.