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Old Ridge Route, Campo Alto, Lockwood Valley

   The old Ridge Route - Stop 1a   

First stop of the day was an overlook, viewing south toward the town of Castaic, CA, where the road began. 

East of I-5 on the old Ridge Route, which was originally built in 1915.

This was at best a very primitive road, and after the "no outlet" sign where the road crossed

Templin Hwy (can you call an old 2 lane road a highway???), the condition of the road got worse,

and then even worse than worse. 38.5 miles and it took us a while.

   360° pic from the drone   

   Stop 1b - Elderberry Forebay (also along the Ridge Route)   

Water runs through pipes from Pyramid Lake to this lake just above Castaic Lake.

They do this to generate electricity.  1/3 of the power created is used to pump the water back up to Pyramid.

And they repeat the cycle every day.

   Stop 1c - Tumble Inn (also along the Ridge Route)   

Tumble Inn was built in 1920.  This is all that remains. 

Some of the pics are parts of the balance of the Ridge Route to it's end near Gorman.

   Stop 2 - Campo Alto Campground   

At 8,100ft in elevation, this campground on the west side of Mt. Pinos

gives and unparalleled view of the valley's and canyons below.