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Owens Valley

   Red Rock Canyon   

Early morning hike (1/4 mile each way) to a secluded canyon we've been to before. 

It ends at what looks to be a waterfall.

The video below confirms that and lets us see the terrain for miles in every direction.

(Click on the pic immediately below to see more pics)

2022-02-12a - 00

   360° from the drone   

   Video from the drone   

   FAST  Video from the drone   


   Fossil Falls   

A short drive down a dirt road took us to a place where water once flowed in abundance from what is now known as the Owens Dry Lake.  Before the water from the north was diverted to Los Angeles, this lake was full enough for paddle-wheelers to run back and forth across the lake to moved mined ore from the east side of the lake to the railroad on the west.  The overflow from the lake would run through this gorge.

2022-02-12b - 09

   Dehy Park - Independence, CA   

This family friendly park boasts the best of both worlds.  One part has a manicured play area with equipment and grass.  The natural creek that runs through it has brought the beauty of the Sierras right into the middle of the park.  And the western side of the park gives one unobstructed views of the Sierras themselves.  A great place to stop for lunch and rest.

2022-02-12c - 03

   Cottonwood Lakes Trailhead   

This year I discovered a new (to us) road leading up into the Sierras.  I've seen the road cut into the hillside for years, but because of the severe appearance of the grade I assumed it was some kind of fire road.  Only to discover that it is paved all the way up.  And it ends in a valley in the mountains around 10,000ft elevation.  But alas, the road was closed at about 5,600ft, about 2,000ft above the valley floor.  

2022-02-12d - 01
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