2018 - Mary and Luke Get Married

All my babies are married now.  

Time surely does fly by.




2018 - October in California

w/ Danny & Bryan


Mammoth Lakes, hiking behind Convict Lake, Monterey and Point Lobos, then south on hwy 1 to San Luis Obispo.

Mt. St. Helens.JPG




2018 - August Trip to CA, OR, and WA


A driving trip from LA to WA to see the kids.  North on the eastern side of the Sierras and Cascades.  South to San Francisco, then back to LA.




2018 - Butterfly


This guy was flying around just outside my window.



2018 - May—Dad Comes to OK


Dad comes back for more.  

Pawhuska, Robber's Cave State Park, Talimena Drive, and more.




2018 - March Trip to California


A few days hanging out with family.



2018 - January Trip to California


Death Valley, Griffith Observatory,

Mt. San Jacinto Tram, Ventura Pier,

and Red Rock Canyon, CA.