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May trip to California

5/13 - Kennedy Meadows and Whitney Portal

Road trip north up Owens Valley with Dad and Phil Toma

5/14-15 - American Cancer Society Relay for Life

Walked 26.2 miles at an event my sister Carol was helping to run.

5/18 - Trip to Mammoth Lakes area

Train ride to Lancaster, then Phil Toma and I go to the mountains.

5/19 - Laurel Lakes Attempt

4th attempt.  I've tried to drive up here 3 times.  This time I tried walking.  Maybe next time!!

The sign says 4-1/2 miles, but according to Google Maps I was still 1.2 miles from the lakes when I had to turn back because of snow.  I was at the 5 mile mark.  Maybe it was 4.5 miles in a straight line.