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Thanksgiving Trip to California

November 15-26, 2012

Just went out to spend time with the family.  First holiday since we lost Patti.  

Didn’t do much the first three days.  Some work projects around the folks house.

November 18

Went hiking with Carol and Dan.  Two different places on the south side of the Santa Monica Mountains.  

The first place was closer to the coast and when we got to the top we had some excellent views of the ocean.  

We could see from Santa Monica, where I was born, to Pacific Palisades, and even,

if you look carefully, Santa Catalina Island.


First Hike


Second Hike

November 20

I decided one afternoon to head to O'Melveny Park above the San Fernando Valley to try to conquer a

hill that I previously was not able to climb.  So I set out by myself and was successful in my endeavor. 

November 21

Took the train to Palmdale where I spent the day with Phil Toma.  We started out trying to fish but ended up just driving through the mountains.  We ended up at Arrowhead Lake, and then he had to drive me all the way back to mom and dad’s house.  But first we had dinner at a nice restaurant with his parents.