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Memorial for Patti

Patti's Memorial Service

The  main purpose of this trip.

July 11

Dad and I went to the Mammoth Lakes area for two days remembering how much Patti loved this area.  

Convict Lake in particular has always been very special to our family.  After we checked into our hotel we drove

to see the lakes around Mammoth, then we moved down the road to Convict and visited several of the spots

that were special favorites of Patti’s.  On my way back from the back of the lake,

I saw a large bird flying in circles.  It was a bald eagle.

July 12

We got up the next morning and drove to Rock Creek lake and fished for a while.  

Fishing wasn’t very good, but it was great to be sitting on the bank with a fishing pole in my hand next to my dad.  

Then we drove back to my parent’s house.

July 13

We drove to the beach to have a picnic lunch.  It was more crowded than we anticipated and they were

setting up a bunch of appliances on the beach to film a Sears commercial.  Of course, the only table available

was behind and slightly to the right of the appliances, and directly behind a life guard shack, so our view

of the beach was limited.  Still, we enjoyed just hanging out together.