2010 - Jen and Dillon Leave for Korea

Jennifer and Dillon follow Joey to Korea.

The adventure begins.

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2018 - August Trip to CA, OR, and WA

2010 - Joey Leaves for Korea


Saying goodbye to Joey.

Two year deployment.

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2010 - Emily is Born

Welcome to the family!




2010 - Trip to California


Time with family.

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2010 - Fishing Trip with Joey

Before he deployed to South Korea,

Joey and I went fishing on

the White River below Beaver Dam.

49 trout (catch-and-release of course) between us.

23 for me and 26 for Joey.




2010 - Joey Graduates from Army Training


I asked Joey when he first joined

the Army, "What will they think

when they see your USMC tattoo?"

He replied, "They will cower in fear!"

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2010 - Big Snow

Family fun.