Drone Adventures

Skiatook Lake.JPG

2022-01-29 - Tallgrass Prairie Preserve 

I was flying my drone and lost it.  Click on the pic to read the whole story.

Williams Tower

2022-01-04 - Williams Tower 

I was asked to video this "lift" of some steel going into a pergola project at the Williams Tower in downtown Tulsa.  The wind was blowing at 18+mph and the drone was self-adjusting to compensate.

Basden Steel OK

2022-01-03 - Basden Steel Oklahoma

A fly-by of the place where I work.  Been at this location since 2003.  We build "structural steel" which is a fancy way of saying we build buildings.

Bryan & Megan

2022-01-02 - Flying at Bryan and Megan's house

Flying at Bryan's today.  Just more practice, testing some of it's features.  Took it up to it's upper limit, and when we were flying south we received warnings about a restricted zone (airport).  The gimbles work great.

Sunset at work

2021-12-29 - Sunset at work

Had my new drone (DJI Mini 2) at work and was showing it to a couple of my co-workers.  One of them suggested I give it the first flight at that time.  This is the result.


2021-12-03 - Yacolt Recreation Park

Went to Washington to visit Joey and Jen and our grandbabies.  First afternoon there Joey and I went to the park to fly the drone.


2021-10-30 - Shiprock National Natural Landmark

This was the last of 4 sites that dad and i visited today.  My intent was to be here a little before sunset and it worked out perfectly.  The dike, running north and south, leads up to the monolith itself.

Dehy Park

2020-02-06 - Dehy Park, Independence, CA

Very windy and a rough landing.  I bounced the drone on the ground when I was landing and it flipped.  You can see it in the video and also when I picked it up and turned it over.


2020-01-26 - First drone flight

A little confusing to follow the instructions, and a compulsive need to be able to watch the drone itself, made it very hard to fly.  In time I would come to trust what I was seeing on the controller.