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Trip to Pawhuska

A trip to the Pawhuska Tall Grass Prairie Preserve

with a couple of stops along the way.

   1st stop - Avant Bird Creek Bridge   

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Avant, a small town between Skiatook and Barnsdall. This old bridge over Bird Creek was in very sad shape.

I didn't take a pic of the warning (cover your butt) signs telling people to stay off the bridge,

but it was kind of obvious that it would have been a very precarious thing to do.

It was hard enough hiking beneath the bridge.

2023-09-30a - 11 - 180°_edited.jpg

   2nd stop - Pawhuska Swinging Bridge   

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Last time I stopped here the bridge was closed for safety reasons.  Probably should have stayed closed. 

I walked all the way across, but was scared going both ways. 

All I can say is, if you walk across the bridge, watch your footing.  There are plenty of holes.

2023-09-30b - 19 - 180°_edited.jpg

   3rd stop - Pawhuska Tallgrass Prairie Preserve   

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My original plans were to hike the 3-mile trail, and to fly my drone in the section where the trail goes through the ravine.

5 cars at the trailhead, and the 93° heat helped me to modify my plans slightly.

I moved to a spot near the trailhead and flew the drone over the grasslands just exploring and enjoying the scenery.

I was wearing my goggles, and at one point I hear a car pull up and is just idling next to me, so I slip my goggles up,

and they ask me if I need help. Thanks, but no, I'm just flying my drone!

When I was done with that, I searched for buffalo, but only found one small herd that were all sitting

on the ground behind some tall grass. Then I headed home.

2023-09-30c - 04_edited.jpg
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