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Collinsville Lake

Geri and I hiking at Collinsville Lake with our son Bryan, his wife Megan, and their daughters Hailey and Emily.

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Collinsville Lake

Caney River


Interesting ending to this video.  I probably should have changed my battery before flying over the Caney River as I received a low battery warning when the drone was about 3/4 of a mile away.  I was flying back to the home point at full speed, but was still over 400ft in the air.  Realizing that a crash was imminent, I diverted the drone to make sure it was over land instead of water, and I also lowered the altitude to just above the tree line.  When I was almost back to my location, the drone basically told me that it was going to land no matter what I wanted, and all I could do was to navigate in between the trees toward an unpaved driveway.  Had to hike about 1/4 mile through heavily overgrown land and work around 2 fences (one electrified) and found the drone in plain site.  It was on the "road" which was in an active cattle field.  When the cows saw me, they started moving toward me rapidly (they must have thought I had lunch) and so I skedaddled it out of there.

   A video of all the pics   

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