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Oklahoma Roads, Rivers, Bridges
8/25 and 8/27/2023

Several stops south and east of Claremore, OK

   8/25 - First stop - Bridge over Boggy Creek   

This old trestle bridge over Boggy Creek at the confluence of the Verdigris River, was probably once part of Keetonville Road.

The current Keetonville Road, just to the north of this bridge, was washed out a number of years ago and is closed beyond this point.

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2023-08-25a - 08 - 180°_edited.jpg

   8/25 - Second stop - The new pass through Keetonville Hill   

The old road up Keetonville Hill is still visible to the right (north) of this new pass. 

After much digging, and relocation, of all the rock from this area, the road now runs straight through this hill towards Owasso. 

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2023-08-25b - 01_edited.jpg

   8/25 - Third stop - The new OK-20 bridge over OK-66   

 With highway 20 being rerouted to the south end of Claremore, to avoid additional traffic snarls,

a new bridge is going over the highway and the railroad, to keep the traffic flowing.

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2023-08-25c - 05 - 180°_edited.jpg

   8/25 - Fourth stop - The new Flint Road bridge over I-44   

The eastern end of the OK-20 re-route will include not just a new bridge over the interstate, but also a new turnpike entrance as well.

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2023-08-25d - 04 - 180°_edited.jpg

   8/27 - First stop - OK-51 Bridge over the Verdigris River   

This bridge is on OK-51 between Coweta and Wagoner.

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2023-08-27a - 04 - 180°_edited.jpg

   8/27 - Second stop - OK-72 bridge over the Arkansas River   

This bridge spans the Arkansas River between Coweta and Haskell

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2023-08-27b - 05 - 180°_edited.jpg

   8/27 - Third stop - Haskell bridge over the Arkansas River   

 Old and new bridges on OK-104, running parallel east to west, east of Haskell, OK.

The old trestle bridge is reminder of days gone by.

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2023-08-27c - 04 - 180°_edited.jpg

   8/27 - Fourth stop - The confluence of the Verdigris river into the Arkansas River   

This is the southern end of the Verdigris River, as well as the transition of the 

McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System from one river to the other.

On the north end of Muskogee, OK.

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2023-08-27d - 02 - 180°_edited.jpg
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