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New Drone - DJI Mini 3 Pro
6/23/2023 to 6/28/2023

   6/23/2023  -  First flight   

First time up.  A little clunky as I was getting used to some of the new locations for certain options.

Also determined that something was off with some of the camera settings. 

(Click on the pic for more photos)

2023-06-23 - 14_edited.jpg

   6/24/2023  -  Second flight   

After making some changes to the settings, I determined that things were better, but not optimum.

(Click on the pic for more images)

2023-06-24 - 03 - 180_edited.jpg

   6/28/2023  -  Third flight   

After a total update of all the firmware, and an extensive recalibration of the camera, I took again to the air.

This time I started flying with the standard controller, and after testing some of the controls

I switched to using my new DJI Integra googles and the DJI Motion Controller 2.  What a ride!!!

(Click on the pic for more photos)

2023-06-28 - 05 - 180_edited.jpg
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