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From Marina, CA north

   Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park   

First stop - the original plan was to drive up the coast first, then south through the mountains,

but since there was so much fog in the morning we elected to do the opposite.

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2023-06-17a - 10 (2)_edited.jpg

  Somewhere in Big Basin Redwoods State Park  

Took a turn on a loop road that put us in a very secluded section of the mountains

between San Francisco and Santa Cruz.

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2023-06-17b - 07 (2)_edited.jpg

   Pescadero State Beach   

Finally made it out the the beach north of Santa Cruz, but still overcast.

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2023-06-17c - 30 (2)_edited.jpg

   Año Nuevo State Park   

Last stop of the day was to take a 3 mile hike to see elephant seals.

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2023-06-17d - 49 (2)_edited.jpg
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