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Road tripping in OK with Bryan Schott

   Stop 1 - Skiatook Lake  

First stop of the day was at Skiatook Lake, at the Hominy Landing. 

Beautiful morning for the sunrise.

   Stop 2 - The Pioneer Woman's Mercantile   

Stopped to buy scones.

Stayed for breakfast!

   Stop 3 - Tallgrass Prairie Preserve   

Wanted a big open space to test some of my drone's features.

Some birds decided to "dance" with my drone when it came in to land.

   Stop 4 - KS/OK Border   

Found a 1 mile stretch of dirt road that runs right on the Kansas and Oklahoma border.

Driving with 1/2 my tires in one state and the others in another seemed kind of novel.

   360° pic from the drone   

   Stop 5 - Hulah Lake   

A stop on Hwy 10 at Hulah Lake.

Too windy to fly the drone.