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Near and around the Neosho River 3/19/2022

   Chimney Rock Lake    

The first few pics are actually on the approach to the lake on S 4437 Rd.

Crossing an arm of Hudson Lake, then passing a stream that flows

from somewhere up the hill in the direction of the lake.


The videos below are of the stream.

(Click on the photo below to see more pics.)

2022-03-19 • 01

   Kerr Dam on the Nesho River   
I always had the impression from driving eastbound over Hudson Lake on hwy 20 towards Salina, that the dam that held back all that water (and if you've ever driven over or around Hudson Lake you know what I mean by "all that water") would have to be wedged in between two of the larger hills around there, and that the dam itself would have to be hundreds of feet tall.  Not so much.  After seeing the dam, I'm guessing the lake isn't as deep as I thought it was.

2022-03-19b - 01

   Mayes Bridge over the Neosho River   

(all the on-line maps I checked called it the Neosho River, but the sign on Hwy 412 calls it the Grand River).  

It is located between Hwy 20 to the north and Hwy 412 to the south.  

I love finding these older, derelict bridges that are still in place, if not still in use.  
I wouldn't recommend trying to walk on this bridge, although it's obvious that some have.  

I wasn't willing to risk my life for a better photo.

(Click on the photo below to see more pics.)

2022-03-19c - 01

   Lower water dam on the Neosho River   
This is apparently a fisherperson's paradise as there were at least 50 people there fishing.  

Where E 550 meets the river.  I'm shooting from the east side, late in the afternoon.

(Click on the photo below to see more pics.)

2022-03-19d - 01

   Sun getting low in the west while on E 570 Rd, west of Chouteau, OK,   

around where S 426 Rd would be if it came all the way through. 

(Click on the photo below to see more pics.)

2202-03-19e - 01

   Sunset on 4230 Rd, just south of Claremore Regional Airport   

(Click on the photo below to see more pics.)

2202-03-19f - 01
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